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Documentary Opportunity

Conversations Authenticity Project

A Global Documentary Opportunity

"It's Time, time to look to the many, not just the few to support personal and global change... together." 

-  Barry Auchettl, creator of The Conversations Authenticity Project

The message is clear.

We have entered a very special time in the history of planet earth. 

The future of the way that we choose to communicate with one another is through our hearts; by expanding and utilising our love vibration.

The Conversations Authenticity Project recognises that, ultimately, love transforms the world and that each of us has a role to play in actualising this change.

Using global media as a way to expand change, and providing you with an opportunity to be a part of a series of Documentaries highlighting New Though Leaders from around the Globe, The Conversations Authenticity Project is a collaborative communication project designed to create and expand our connection with each other, and to transform relationships on personal, family, community and global levels. 

Is this speaking to you?

If you woukd like more information about this collaborative project, please contact

Anayah Joi Holilly

Conversations Authenticity Project participant

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Ph: +61 (0) 420 490 568    
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