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I am delighted to share some of the guidance given to me by a higher Wisdom. © Anayah Joi Holily

*All material is subject to Copyright, I thank you for respecting the Copyright.

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Purification need not feel like a form of punishment dear ones.

Rather, purification is so closely associated with Abundance in all forms as to be inseparable ... pure, unaltered, clear and freely flowing Abundance and your perception of it.


©Anayah Joi Holily



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Savor it. 

Nourish it.

Share it.

BE it.

For JOY is not  some'thing',  Joy IS.

Living a life of your choosing is your right, your gift.

Living a life of your capabilities - now, this is another thing entirely.

Choose expansion.

Choose a grand design.

As you choose, you are.

And so it is.




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Do you recognise the role of 'Teacher' in your own life?

In yourself?

"Not me" we hear  you say.

Yes, YOU, for indeed you are Teacher, student, Professor, Wise One.

All this and more.

Allow yourself the opportunity to experience, express, and gift to the world; for a gift, you most surely are.




and ... Teach, Teach, Teach!

Why else do you think you have come here in the first place?

The experiences you live, are for you to teach, for this encourages others to bear witness to their own life experiences.

This way leads to Freedom!

YOU have much to share, to teach.

Your teaching style is not important.

Teach now, wait not one moment longer..



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Moving forward may seem like a difficult thing to do for you in this moment.

Breathe, breathe breathe.

Then, Ask us to assist you, to boost your confidence, courage and self belief.

The combination of these two action steps will unlock your energy systems and elevate them from fear, to Peace.



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Trust your 'knowing' for you do know! 

Of course you have access to the Divine, for you are that very Divinity. 

How could it be any other way?

The spark of brilliance you perceive, is but a  dim shadow of all you are.

Notice what you 'know' without knowing how you know it, for this is trustworthy indeed.

Act on it.

Share it.

Believe in it

This '
it' is your Divine heritage, given to you by your Creator to Guide, assist, and en-lighten  you in your daily life as you spread Love and Light  in all directions.

Look for and then acknowledge the Blessings (for they are there, ready and waiting patiently for you to embrace them) in your current situation.

Once uncovered, they wrap you in the cloak of acceptance, and this acceptance is your ticket to true Freedom.

© Anayah Joi Holily All Rights Reserved



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Drinking more water allows you a clearer connection to your own God-given Divine 'live-feed'.

Yes, you have it, at all times, in any given moment, you have it.

Whether you you access it, or pay attention to it is entirely up to you, for as you know the law of Free Will is inviolate.

You are receiving trust-worthy Guidance. 

Your prayers have indeed been answered, and you can safely move forward with the idea, plan, or course of action you know in your heart to be right for you at this moment.

We are with you every step of the way, and you can call on us at any time you feel the need for assistance. 

Ask and be open to receiving our support, comfort, and any extra information as it becomes necessary.

You are safe.


© Anayah Joi Holily All Rights Reserved



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We hear every prayer, we know every tear that falls.

Your every thought is a prayer ... did you know this?

 To allow the manifestation of your prayers - for they have already been answered - it is important you stay positive, for your positively charged thought and feeling energies allow the manifestation to unfold into the physical form you seek.

© Anayah Joi Holily All Rights Reserved


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If the tide were to flow but one way ...

Giving without receiving is a sure way to not only deplete your energies, but to put a stop to all you are here to accomplish.

Think about it.

© Anayah Joi Holily All Rights Reserved

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The power to heal is not something delegated solely through education.

While education is a glorious thing, it is often mistaken as the only, or, most valuable source of health and healing.


 This is not so.


 Peace is the greatest healer of all.

 By focusing your on what you desire instead of what you fear, you open the door to more than you are aware of!


 So, focus, imagine, pretend, meditate, visualise, and ask us for our healing assistance.

 Archangel Raphael is within you, your situations, events, and is always on call.


 Mother Earth is a tremendous source of healing and health, as is the often forgotten connection with the moon, the sun, and the stars.

 Look always, to Peace.

© Anayah Joi Holily All Rights Reserved



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As each petal is important to the flower, each experience is important to you.

The flower does not judge its petals as good, bad, right, or wrong.

Look at the petals of your own life.

As those that have served their purpose wither and fall away, give thanks for the new growth as it appears as your life's experience, for the timing is a thing of beauty and no accident - an education if you will.

Education is a glorious thing, though it is often mistaken as the only, or, most valuable source of health and healing.

This is not so.

© Anayah Joi Holily All Rights Reserved

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It's true: You are a great person, with an important mission only you can complete!

We see your progress, even when you do not, and your progress is making a difference in bringing in more Peace, more Love and more Harmony at this very important time on Earth.

Take only the steps needed right now. The 'future' will unfold even more easily once you channel and focus your thought energy on where you are instead of where you think you should be.

You are in the correct time and place, or you would not be there in the first place. This is the Law of Divine Timing, so you see, there is no need for second-guessing.

Allow your mind to rest, as this constant worry habit is depleting you and causing your energy to leak out in ways you are unaware of.

Breathe, relax, and bring your attention to where it most needs to be: in the Now.

Power Full.

To engage in more of this power, simple think of a time when you felt great pleasure, or great happiness.

Even a time when you felt even a tiny bit of pleasure or happiness will do. Concentrate. feel or imagine it once again. Let it grow.

This is enough to begin the process of the Law of Attraction, that process whereby whatever you focus upon will grow and prosper in your life and your experience of it.

Teach this to your children, to your grandchildren, to your neighbours children. Teach this to the children, first by your own example, then by your simple explanation of how simple the process is! Use the simplest terms possible to avoid confusion, or mis-understanding.




© Anayah Joi Holily All Rights Reserved